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Production Control

ECAP Production Control.

Linked to ERP programs, it allows you to track manufacturing in real time.

Through an extremely easy-to-use graphical interface, it collects the plant information.

It allows bidirectional connection with the machines for the automatic collection of information, stoppages, productions, rejections, etc.

Machine lock can be configured in case of serious errors and the activation of visual and audible alarms.


  • Integration with other ERPs in the market
  • Management of ethernet and wifi terminals
  • Bidirectional communication with the machines
  • Possibility of blocking machine in case of serious error
  • Implantation of warning light signals
  • Automatic acquisition of counters
  • Automatic acquisition of incidence types, temperatures, consumptions, etc. and classification according to turn, reference, etc.
  • Automatic programming of the machines according to reference to manufacture
  • Information in real-time plant of yields, quality, etc.
  • Configurable plant synoptic
  • I work without papers
  • Web data query
  • Access from tablets and smart phones
  • OEE, efficiency, trend graphs
  • Calculation of real times of direct labor and machine time for each work order
  • Calculation of non-quality costs per machine, per shift, by reference, etc.

Maintenance Notices

  • Generation of configurable messages in case of failure
  • Downtime control by preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance operator time control
  • Possibility of material control
  • Statistics Generation

Production Optimization

Lean Manufacturing

  1. Workforce Optimization: Allows the use of versatile personnel that intervene in the different stages of the process according to the needs of each moment

  2. Reduction of delivery times: By being able to plan by order or against stock we can reduce delivery times by adapting production to the agreed deadlines

  3. Reduction of production costs: We detect bottlenecks, being able to avoid downtime and increasing the efficiency of operators and machinery

  4. Inventory reduction: By buying only the raw materials necessary for each production order, a good part of the raw material stock is eliminated and the maintenance of finished product stocks is avoided

  5. Optimization of transport and movements: Having planned production, transport costs are optimized by being able to take advantage of freight grouping shipments

  6. Quality Improvement: By detecting the deviations in the processes in real time, each operator becomes a quality controller in the production line, drastically reducing the decrease of the whole process

  7. Reduction of waste: We can detect the processes in which excessive losses are produced to improve the use of raw materials used

  8. Reduction of overproduction: The planning of production and its adaptation to orders, has the effect of eliminating overproductions and reducing manufacturing and storage costs

Production control

via wireless terminals 

Quality control

via wireless terminals

Production control

on touch terminals and resulting Layout

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